St. John’s Cemetery – Frederick, MD

8 11 2009

St. John’s Cemetery

This charming and historic cemetery located on East 2nd Street in downtown Frederick, MD.  It is protected from the daily hustle and bustle by tall stone walls.  The cemetery  was first used in 1832, but officially established 1845 and is still being used today.  It is the burial ground for St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church.  Many of the graves were relocated from the Novitiate Cemetery as well as the old Jesuit Graveyard, when the Jesuits left Frederick.

Among some of the interred are early Jesuit priests, Justice Roger B. Taney, politicians, soldiers and Father John DuBois, founder of Mt. St. Mary’s College.


Genealogist or Ghostbuster?

3 11 2009

It was the day after All Hallows Eve –  the neighborhoods streets still lined with jack-o-lanterns and my paranormal senses still on overload from a ghost tour I had taken the night previous.  I ventured out to the Central Church Cemetery in the countryside of Maryland surrounded by gorgeous autumnal views of the mountains, a spectacular array of colored foliage and the smell of outdoor fires.
I am a frequent visitor to the cemetery that holds the remains of my ancestors. Wrapped in my warm jacket I methodically made my way up and down the rows, taking note of the names on faded stones and lamenting the fact that so many stones have recently fallen over. Today was a little different from my previous trips.  I had the strangest sensation of being watched.

I turned to look at the small and empty white chapel that sits outside the cemetery gates. I thought I saw movement in the window – despite an empty parking lot and locked door.  I snapped two photo’s of the chapel with my blackberry camera phone.  Stared a while at the window – seeing nothing out of the ordinary I decided to call it a day and head home.

After dinner, I started uploading tombstone photo’s when I ran across the photo of the chapel… I got the goosebumps.  The two photo’s of the chapel seem to have a shadowy figure looking out the window.  Is this my imagination gone wild or do you see it too?

Central Church Cemetery

Do you see the figure in the window?

Central Church Cemetery