War hero found beneath a simple grave.

12 09 2010

I found myself with a bit of extra time on my hands yesterday so I reviewed pictures of cemetery graves from last Spring.  I came a cross a series of photographs from a cemetery in

Major General Robert Cumming

Libertytown, Md which is located in Frederick County, MD.  The cemetery named Fairmount is located on Route 26, a main thoroughfare through town.  It is a well kept cemetery and small in size.  I like to randomly photograph stones; one that “speak” to me.  I came across the grave of Robert Cumming, no relation and nothing ornamental or grandiose on his stone.  However at the bottom of the stone is a circular placard with the initial S.A.R.  The Sons of  the American Revolution; a fraternal order formed in 1889 for the descendants of patriots I assumed that he had served in the Revolutionary War based off of his date of death.  I decided to do a little research.

I referenced “History of Western Maryland: being a history of Frederick …, Volume 1”  By John Thomas Scharf, Helen Long and found the following excerpt on page 1047: “1825 – Maj. Gen. Robert Cumming Commander of the Second Division of Maryland Militia.  In his 72nd year of  his age.”

I next performed a patriot search on the Sons of the American Revolution website located at www.sar.org.  Bingo – a match.  The record states that Robert Cumming held the rank of a Captain.  The exact location of his burial and list the name of his wife as “Mary Allen Coats”.  His birth date is listed as 1754 and death of 1825.

Being a member of the DAR, I then checked the online databases from the Daughters of the American Revolution website at www.dar.org it also confirmed the information listing on the SAR site, but also stated that his service description was at the Upper Battle of the Militia in Baltimore, Md.  Another clue was also listed – he had a son named John.

Ancestry lists a non-sourced family tree for the ancestors of Robert Cumming.  His father is listed as William born 1725 in Inverness Scotland and his mother is listed as Sarah Coppage born 1736 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  No sources are listed.

I then found an article that was written about General Cummings in the  The Boston news-letter: and city record, Volume 1 By Abel Bowen, Jerome Van Crowninshield Smith pg. 364. It is titled, “Another Revolutionary Hero gone!”

Who new that this simple grave housed such a hero.  God bless you Major General Robert Cumming.  Thank you for your service and rest in peace.

Julia A. Simpson Tombstone

12 09 2010

Julia A. Simpson wife of Richard W. Simpson.  Located in Fairmount Cemetery in Libertytown, MD

Fairmount Cemetery

12 09 2010

Random graves at Pine Grove Cemetery – Mt. Airy, MD

12 09 2010

Pine Grove Cemetery

12 09 2010

The Pine Grove Cemetery is located in the heart of Mt. Airy, MD in Carroll County.  It was first built 1846 and called Ridge Presbyterian Church. The cemetery is relatively small in size and the property is adorned with a small stone chapel.  A small sign erected in front of the cemetery states that the site is home to the first Mt. Airy school erected in 1869 which is also the year the church was renovated.  The classes for the school were held in the basement for 20 years however schooling was stopped during the Civil War.  During the Civil War there were plenty of  southern sympathizers located in Mt. Airy.  The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was guarded by Co. K 14th New Jersey Infantry to stop supplies from being sent to the South.  The chapel served as a barrack and sleeping quarters for the Union soldiers.  A sick and delirious soldier was the first on to be given a christian burial.

Mt. Airy is a charming city with an award winning downtown district filled with shops and restaurants.  It is definitely worth a trip so check it out.  Thanks Town of Mt. Airy website for some of the historical data regarding the Chapel.


Basil Worthington Simpson

11 09 2010

Nighttime shoot in the Central Church Cemetery.  This is the grave of Basil Worthington Simpson.  I like how you can see the details of the little kneeling on the tombstone.  He was born 1864 and died 1865,  Rest in Peace little one.

Basil Dorsey, Jr.

11 09 2010

A very small and sad stone located in the Central Church Cemetery located in New Market, MD.