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This blog devoted exclusively to articles about cemeteries, grave markers, burial customs, the study of cemeteries, transcriptions of tombstones, or the preservation of cemeteries with Maryland.


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11 05 2009
Sheri Fenley

Well your turn to shine in the spotlight in the “Meet a Rabbit” column is coming up soon!

Due to this sporadic participation, the schedule is seriously out of whack. So what I have done is take the names on my list (of which you are one) and ask that if you would like your turn to be showcased in the column, please send me your intro/bio/whatever you you like to say along with any photo(s) as soon as humanly possible. Remember that it can be as lengthy as you would like and the content is your choice.

My bag o rabbits is empty and I have no more to pull out of the hat, i.e. the publication schedule is completely void of articles.

If you would rather not participate, please let me know asap so I can move on to the next Rabbit.

Thanks and have a great day!

Sheri Fenley

23 04 2010
Evan Dorwrad


I enjoyed the pictures and reading some of your blog especially about dragging your teenagers along to find your grt… grandmother 🙂 If you are ever in Churchville Maryland I would love to hear (and see) if you find the grave of my 5th great grandmother Mary (MnKinney) Harris (1710-1770). From a 1905 book her memorial is described to say:

IN MEMORY OF MARY wife of THOMAS HARRIS of the family who founded HARRISBURG she was a daughter of John McKinney of Paxtang Township, Lancaster Co, Pa and the mother of Catherine Harris who married Dr. John Archer Sr.

Please let me know if you do. Thank you.

Evan Dorward

11 09 2010

Thanks so much for reading my blog. If my travels find me in Churchville, I will definitely take a look for you. Have you checked findagrave.com? Thanks again and take care.

25 05 2010
Glenn Wallace

Just found your website… very excited to know you’re involved in Montgomery and Frederick County cemeteries. If you need help (or photos) just let me know. I live in Germantown and spend my weekends archiving local cemeteries.


11 09 2010

Glenn, thanks so much I would be happy to post any information that you have. Cemeteries are so intriguing. Glad to find someone else with my passion. Regards.

7 08 2010
Susan Jameson

Excellent information I am a bit of both genealogist and interested ghostbuster. I found your site because I live in Cockeysville, MD and always wondered who was buried in the small cemetery in between the apartments in Cockeysville. There is no name on cemetery entrance and the stone wall surrounding the graves is very old as are some of the headstones. My friend was on the phone with me talking about the area we were both raised in Cockeysville and while she was on the phone I took a quick drive up to see the names on the headstones. It was the Ridgely and Talbot families the oldest grave I noticed was 1797 the person buried there born 1713. I was researching and came upon your site and loved it so I will post that on my blog. My blog is about pain management. Created by me and my friend Ashly to give patients good solid information and a place to vent about chronic pain sufferers. The Maryland Historical Almshouse is also close to me and I will have to pay a visit there (its haunted back in early 1900s you were sent there to die if you had smallpox or TB mental illness) Ashly is a ghostbuster and has had experiences there. Please check it out you may enjoy the history and ghostbusting. The grave yard intrigues me the families are well known around here Ridgely has a town named after them and there was intermarried couples apparetnly. The closest church is Presbyterian but also a methodist church is close to that one too. I believe its a private cemetery with many children and babies buried there. Another one in this area well alittle further up the road is the Hoffman family who came from Germany and owned a paper mill that cemetery is enclosed with a old wooden fence and a swinging gate you can go right in toward the back slave graves with markers are still there crumbling but there. If you know of this cemetery could you please pass on the info its just for my personal curiosity and interest in my local history. Cockeysville named after Joshua Cockey back in mid 1600s I think we had confederate soliders hold north off at Ashland Bridge to prevent troops from making it to DC. Thank you and love your blog ours is just getting started so bear with us please yours is wonderful. thanks Susan

11 09 2010

Thanks so much for taking the time to place a comment; very interesting information. I have Ridgely’s in my family. I will definitely check into the Maryland Historical Almshouse. Take care.

10 06 2012
Donna Cooper

I have been researching the Simpson families of Maryland. I have a double line of them. I was so excited to find your blog page. Please, do give us some more nice cemetery shots of Simpson stones!

27 06 2012
Tom Anderson

I’m glad I found this blog. I’m a 5th generation great grandson of Mary Harris McKinney.

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